TOM XXXI – 2012 r.

Tom do pobrania – Studia Gdańskie Tom XXXI




Grzegorz Szamocki
The language of national integration in Josh 24:1‒24

Janusz Nawrot
When religion destroys and builds culture. A few biblical examples of the in uence of religion on the culture of the peoples

Piotr Przyborek
Sabbath in Luke’s narrative about Jesus’ teaching in the synagogue in Nazareth (4,16‒30)

Krzysztof Smykowski
Implications of philosophical nature of the truth in the depiction of Hans Urs von Balthasar’s

Marcin Kaznowski
Raymund Schwager’s concept of the original sin

Krzysztof Lewalski
The model of a parish priest in the light of selected pastoral works in the time of the partitions

Ginter Dzierżon
The range of exercising executive power (can. 136 CIC)

Adam Bartczak
Indissolubility of marriage as the good of o spring

Józef Młyński
Family as rst and vital cell of society (FC, 42)

Marcin Lisak
Between privatised function and public performance of religion: the Michael Novak’s liberal-Christian social subsystem

Jarosław Wąsowicz
The attitude of the Catholic Church in Gdansk towards the independent youth environments in 1980s.

Marek Jodkowski
The parish of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Iława in 19th and the rst half of the 20th century

Witold Marcoń
Polish Catholic priests in the Silesian Parliament

Grzegorz Piwnicki, Adam Klein
Polish maritime policy during the reign of the last two Jagiellonians and its a ermath

Aneta Bołdyrew
Social initiatives for the bene t of the extermination of pathologies in the Kingdom of Poland on the turn of the 19th century

Wojciech Dutka
Women in the historiography of the January Uprising in 1863

Robert Kaczorowski
Masses per annum (6‒10) from the Pelplin hymnal, published in 1871

Grzegorz Poźniak
In a search for a place for popular music concerts in the Catholic Church

Magdalena Ewa Ruszel
Spiritual su ering of the child. Psychological aspects

Małgorzata Szatan
Fear vs. anxiety in humanistic sciences

Izabela Sowa
Teenagers’ religious activity and its impact on their consumption behaviour

Beata Słobodzian
Non-governmental organisations in the modern cultural order of Gdynia – a problem outline

Michał Kubiak
Ordoliberalism with regard to the concept and practice of the social market economy

Beata Łukarska
Marian titles in the chosen texts of the Polish baroque religious literature

Reviews and discussions

Tadeusz Gocłowski
Życie Księdza Profesora Usowicza jako wydarzenie – szkic do jego portretu

Katarzyna Łasak (rec.)
Exploring Social Rights. Between Theory and Practice, red. D. Barak-Erez, A. M. Gross, Hart Publishing, Oxford 2011, ss. 426

Adam Romejko (rec.)
René Girard, Battling to the End. Conversations with Benoît Chantre, Michigan State University, East Lasing 2010, ss. 237

Adam Romejko (rec.)
Polish Migration to the UK in the ‘New’ European Union, red. Kathy Burrell, Ashgate, Farnham – Burlington 2009, ss. 241

Adam Romejko (rec.)
Anne White, Polish Families and Migration since UE Accession, The Policy Press, Bristol 2011, ss. 266

Katarzyna Jakubowska-Krawczyk
„Ikona ponad podziałami” – sprawozdanie z wystawy ikon z Międzynarodowego Pleneru Ikonopisów w Zamłyniu

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