TOM XXVI – 2010 r.

Tom do pobrania – Studia Gdańskie Tom XXVI




Krzysztof Gąsecki
The Presbyter within the Communio–Ecclesiology Context

Andrzej Dańczak
The Role of Representation in in persona Christi agere Formula

Jacek Bramorski
Priesthood as the gift of selfgiving in the life and thought of John Paul II

Janusz Szulist
One Priest – One Sacrifice. The Unifying Role of Christ’s Priesthood in the Letter of Benedict XVI Proclaiming a Year for Priests on the 150th Anniversary of the „Dies Natalis” of the Curé Of Ars

Jarosław Babiński
Priesthood in Teaching Of the Bishop of Pelplin Jan Bernard Szlaga

Krzysztof Drews
The Priest as Servant of the Eucharist, and His Spiritual Indispositon

Wojciech Cichosz
A Priest as a Star, Showman and Inquisitor: Dangers of Using Active‐Learning Methods by Priests in Their Pastoral Service

Dominik Kubicki
Solitude of a Theologian as the Solitude of a Mystic and Creator…

Ks. Bogusław Głodowski
The Roman Catholic Clergy’s Activity In Sobriety Movement In Pomerania before 1920

Leszek Jażdżewski
The Clergy and the Equipment of the Parish of Holy Trinity in Kościerzyna in the Period of Noble’s Democracy

Zdzisław Kropidłowski
Congregational Meetings in the Puck Deanery – Information Based on the Book of 1728–1779

Andrzej Chodubski
The Merits of Fathers Maciej and Julian Smoleński from Grabienice Małe

Anna Kapuścińska
Poetic Commemorations virtus sacerdotalis in Bartosz Paprocki’s “The Coats of Arms of Polish Knighthood”

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