TOM XLVII – 2020 r.

Tom do pobrania – Studia Gdańskie Tom XLVII




Anna Kuśmirek
Interpretation of Psalm 110 in the Targum of Psalms

Dariusz Kwiatkowski
Sacrum and Profanum in the Liturgy of the Marriage Sacrament in the Polish Church

Tomasz Nawracała
Between Justice and Love. Purgatory in the Preaching of Fr. Wawrzyniec Kuśniak COr (Congregation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri) (1788-1866)

Łukasz Golec
First Holy Mass According to Post-Council Church Documents in Poland

Sławomir Tykarski
The (In)Validity of John Paul II’s Call to Marital Sanctity in the Face of Contemporary Individualism

Sławomir Śledziewski
Out of Christian Responsibility: Reflections on Europe in the Thought of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI

Janusz Wilk
Adoration Latria based on the Writings of Elizabeth Catez – Elizabeth of the Trinity


Adam Jeszka
Traces of Religious Thinking in the Existential Reflection of Miguel de Unamuno

Michał Damazyn
The Eucharist in the Writings of Sr. Wanda Boniszewska CSA

Mateusz Ihnatowicz
Operational Matters of the Security Apparatus of the Polish People’s Republic Against Jesuits in the Greater Poland-Masovia Province (1953-1989)

Beata Urbanowicz
The Black Madonna of Częstochowa and the Soldiers of the Independent Underground in the Years 1944-1963

Roman Marcinkowski
The Tannaim Meditations on the Subject of Flogging and False Witnesses

Małgorzata Parcheniak
Gdańsk’s Holy Places of Secludedness of Blessed Dorothy of Montau

Tomasz Zuzek
An Unknown Manuscript Record of the Legend of Petrified Bread

Mariusz Obarzanek
From Studies on the Journalistic Writings of Dr. Eugeniusz Myczka (1908-1993) in the Interwar Period

Robert Kaczorowski
Yearning Wrapped in Sounds. On the Vocal Lyrics of the Gdańsk Composer Stanisław Kwiatkowski (1930–2010)

Social sciences

Agnieszka Misiuk
The Needs of Children Whose Fathers Have Been in Prison

Dominika Łukasik
The Disabled Child and the Functioning of the Family


Adam Romejko
Kirstin Breitenfellner, Wie können wir über Opfer reden?, Wien: Passagen Verlag, 2018, ss. 134

Adam Jeszka
Michał Heller, Moralność myślenia, Wydawnictwo Copernicus Center, Kraków 2020, s. 116