TOM XLVI – 2020 r.

Tom do pobrania – Studia Gdańskie Tom XLVI




Andrzej Najda
Prayers of the first Christians in the light of Acts of the Apostles

Przemysław Kubisiak
The concept and development of the cult of JHWH in the context of the pantheon of the Canaanite deities

Jakub Woźniak
The Martyrological Dimension of Petrine Primacy in the Teachings of Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI

Ireneusz Werbiński
The Message of the Priestly Holiness of Servant of God Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński

Piotr Kubiak
Issues addressed in the documents of the Bioethics Committee of The Polish Episcopal Conference in the years 2008-2020

Mateusz J. Tutak
Towards a Pastoral Sociology, or the Relations Between Sociology and Pastoral Theology


Tomasz Dutkiewicz
Rationally on the Non-rational. Philosophical Aspects of St. Thomas Aquinas Teaching on the Art of Fortune-telling and Magic

Dorota Chwiła
The Synagogue and the Church in the first century – together or apart?

Grzegorz Wodziński
The Image of Monastic Life in the Letters of Calvinist Polemicists in Poland in the 16th and 17th Century

Dawid Galanciak
Priest–Martyrs of the Łasin Deanery in the times of World War II

Roman Marcinkowski
The Mishnah on the Consequences of the Mistakes of the Sanhedrin, High Priest or King

Włodzimierz Gałązka
The Spiritual Man in the Works of Father Prof. Ireneusz Werbiński

Jacek Bramorski
The Ancient Sources of Musical Aesthetics

Robert Kaczorowski
Unknown Musical Works of Władysław Żeleński

social sciences

Wiesław Łużyński
Social Principles in Common Life. Reflections Based upon the Document New Wine in New Wineskins

Andrzej Ochman
Secularization. Some Remarks in the Perspective of the Thought of J. Ratzinger – Benedict XVI

Adam Romejko
The Image of the Polish Community in Vienna in the Work of Adam Zieliński


Piotr Roszak
Stanley P. Rosenberg et all. (ed.), Finding Ourselves after Darwin. Conversations on the Image of God, Original Sin, and the Problem of Evil, Baker Academic, Grand Rapids 2018, ss. 376

Wiesław Łużyński
Jakub Kostiuczuk, Nauczanie społeczne Kościoła prawosławnego, Wydawnictwo Warszawskiej Metropolii Prawosławnej, Warszawa 2018, ss. 160