TOM XLIX – 2021 r.

Tom do pobrania – Studia Gdańskie Tom XLIX




Andrzej Najda
„A Solemn Sabbath for the Earth” (Leviticus 25:4) as an Element of the Ecological Message of the Bible

Irena Avsenik Nabergoj
Love and Lust in Genesis 37 and 39

Tomasz Nawracała
The Dogma of the Resurrection of the Body from the Perspective of Christianity and Transhumanism

Sławomir Tykarski
The Creative Courage of Saint Joseph as a Model for Men, Husbands and Fathers of Today

Małgorzata Parchemiak
The Expiatory Profile of Venia in the Practice of Blessed Dorothy of Great Montau

Grzegorz Adamiak
The Missionary Work of the Church in the Experience of Faith According to Cardinal Robert Sarah


Tomasz Dutkiewicz
The Eucharist and Metaphysics. Aristotelian Theory of Being Compositions as Philosophical Instrumentation in the Treatise on the Eucharist by St. Thomas Aquinas

Adam Jeszka
The Personalistic Dimension of the “Mystery” in Miguel de Unamuno’s eEssay „El secreto de la vida”

Przemysław Wiszniewiecki
The Piety of the Qumran Community

Roman Marcinkowski
The Soul and the Faith in Life After Death in Rabbinic Judaism with Particular Reference to the Mishnah

Kamil Kubiak
The Life and Role of the Prophet Abraham in Islam and the Differences in the Portrayal of Abraham’s Life in the Book of Genesis and the Quran

Social sciences

Jarosław Babiński – Janusz Szulist
Reconciliation as a Social Category in the Teaching of Joseph Ratzinger/ Benedict XVI

Dominika Zając
Perinatal Hospice Care in Poland – Conditions for Supporting Parents in the Event of an Unborn Child’s Terminal Illness

Marcelina Zdenkowska
The Theory of Culture as Seen by Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI – An Outline of the Problem


Adam Romejko
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Adam Jeszka
Dariusz Karłowicz, “Sokrates i inni święci”, Warszawa: Teologia Polityczna, 2020, s. 162