TOM XLIV – 2019 r.

Tom do pobrania – Studia Gdańskie Tom XLIV





Andrzej Łukasz Jędrzejczak
The Puzzling Relations Between the Heroes of the Samson Saga. Analysis of Selected Elements Jud. 13-16

Jacek Stefański
The Underscored Exodus Motif in Mk 6,45-52

Łukasz Pondel
“Parousian Theology” as a Breakthrough in Christian Eschatology

Tomasz Dutkiewicz
Is an Angel a “Thing”? An Attempt at Metaphysical Reflection on the Profession of Faith in God, “Maker of Heaven and Earth, of all Things Visible and Invisible”

Piotr Roszak
The Measure of Things. The Theological Code of Norwid’s Prayer

Janusz Bujak
The Phenomenon of “Resting in the Holy Spirit” in Polish Theological Literature and in the Sixth Document of Malines


Roman Marcinkowski
Treatment on the Sabbath in the Light of Selected Texts of Rabbinic Judaism

Mateusz Ihnatowicz
The Warsaw Jesuits’ Attitude to March 1968 in Selected Documentation of the Security Service of the Ministry of the Interior of the Polish People’s Republic

Dariusz Ławik
The Influence of the Concept of Jesus’ Presence in the Eucharist on the Formation of Reformers’ Teachings about the Lord’s Supper

Robert Kaczorowski
Four Hymns to Saint Nicholas From the Collection Catholic Devotional Hymns for Church and Home Use (Pelplin, 1871) in Terms of Semantic and Selected Musical Issues

SociaL sciences

Jakub Woźniak
The Religious Experience of the Church and the Experience of National Community in the Writings of Joseph Ratzinger–Benedict XVI

Rafał Dettlaff
The Rights and Duties of Clergymen, Based on the Resolutions of the Third Synod of Gdańsk

Izabela Krasińska
The Image of an Anti-alcohol Activist in the Message of “Przyjaciel Trzeźwości” (1927-1939)

Adam Romejko
The Media Image of Poles living in Vienna in the Programs of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF)

reviews and discussons

Wojciech Chichosz
Ks. Zbigniew Wanat, Hipokrates i sumienie. Teologiczny aspekt formacji moralnej pracowników służby zdrowia, Wydawnictwo Bernardinum, Pelplin 2019, s. 373

Adam Romejko
Cynthia L. Haven, Evolution of Desire. A Life of Rene Girard, Michigan State University Press, East Lansing 2018, s. 317

Adam Romejko
Sineb El Masrar, Muslim Men. Wer sie sind, was sie wollen, Herder, Freiburg – Basel – Wien 2018, s. 255

Wiesław Łużyński
Adam Zadroga, Katolicka myśl ekonomiczno-społeczna wobec fundamentalnych założeń ekonomii głównego nurtu, Wydawnictwo KUL, Lublin 2018, s. 279