About the journal

“Studia Gdańskie” is a semi-annual journal, publishing texts which present scholarly and scientific reflection and research on religious and socio-cultural issues. The studies published in the journal are part of the present-day discussion on problems in the fields of history of religion and the Church, biblical exegesis, systematic and practical theology, as well as philosophy and sociology.

The articles published in the journal are arranged in three sections entitled: theological sciences, humanities, and social sciences. These titles are also the names of the three fields of scholarship whose subject matter determines the substantive profile of the journal.

The journal is published by Gdańsk Theological Seminary and the Metropolitan Curia of Gdańsk. The originator of “Studia Gdańskie” was Gdańsk bishop Lech Kaczmarek. The first issue of the journal was published in 1973.

Subsequent editors of “Studia Gdańskie” were: Fr. Stanisław Mędala CM (1973-1975), Fr. Jerzy Zaremba (1976-1980), Fr. Grzegorz Gólski CM (1981-1994), Fr. Janusz Balicki (1995-1999), Fr. Maciej Bała (2000-2005), Fr. Adam Świeżyński (2006-2009), Fr. Adam Romejko (2009-2014), Fr. Grzegorz Szamocki (from 2014-).

“Studia Gdańskie” is indexed in CEJSH, CEEOL, IC JOURNALS MASTER LIST, EBSCO, ERIH Plus and PBN. In 2021 it obtained 40 points in the list of scientific journals of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The journal is distributed under the licence Creative Commons: Attribution- No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0).

ISSN: 0137-4338
eISSN: 2720-7102
DOI: 10.26142